Memba Me Monday

I remember it like it was last Monday. My cousin Shannon getting it to new artist Mýa’s “It’s All About Me.” We crowded around her as she imitated every step from the video. Yes, Mýa was the new chick on the scene and we loved her.

Mýa burst onto the scene in 1998 with her Dru Hill aided single “It’s All About Me.” That single went gold and was followed by other hit singles “Movin’ On” featuring Silkk The Shocker and “My First Night With You.” The success of those singles helped the then 18 year old Mýa’s self-titled debut album go double platinum. She was also a featured artist on other hits like the Grammy nominated Pras’ “Ghetto Superstar” which also featured Ol’ Dirty Bastard and she joined Blackstreet and Ma$e on the song “Take Me There” from The Rugrats Movie soundtrack. The release of her sophomore effort Fear of Flying brought her breakthrough hit “Case of the Ex” and worldwide success. In 2001 she teamed up with Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, P!nk and Missy Elliot for the Grammy award winning remake of the LaBelle hit “Lady Marmalade.” In 2003 the critically acclaimed Moodring was released spawning the Missy Elliot produced hit “My Love Is Like Woah.”

For most, Mýa’s musical relevance disappeared around 2004 but she has released three more albums since Moodring. In 2011 she released K.I.S.S but it failed to build any kind of buzz. Nowadays most people know her from Dancing With The Stars, which showcased the singer’s fancy footwork. And let’s be honest here, the girl is severely underrated when it comes to getting her props on the dance floor, I mean just check out the moves in her videos “My Love Is Like Woah” and the moves in “Case of the Ex.” C’mon, son. Anywho, for all of the nostalgia that Silkk The Shocker’s verse creates on their hit song mixed with the awesomeness that was Mýa, she is this first Memba Me Monday.


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