Something New From Something Old

Okay, if you’re like me, you’re already tired of the endless resolutions of family and friends that have dominated your various social media timelines. We get it and we’ve heard it all before. It’s a “NEW YEAR, NEW YOU” kinda thing. Again. Sigh. But for those who insist on constantly reminding us of their newly formed aspirations and motivations; and also for those who are just going to, you know, work towards said dreams, I have compiled a short list of tunes to get you started on that road. Whether you’re going to push it in the gym, office, class, club or push yourself out of heartbreak, here are a few songs for ride.

*These songs are tracks, released and unreleased, from albums that dropped in 2012. But we are only two days into the New Year, soooooo….yeah.*

Melanie Fiona: “Watch Me Work” from the album The MF Life

The lyrics combined with the boldness in which Fiona delivers them, makes this a perfect song for those striving towards whatever resolution.

Alicia Keys: “New Day” and “Brand New Me” from the album Girl On Fire

Both of the songs have the word ‘new’ in their titles. I mean, HELLO. No, seriously though. Keys’ manages to deliver the same message on the two tracks but with different energies. While “Brand New Me” can easily be interpreted as a memo to a former lover, “New Day” is definitely pushing the agenda of taking control of any and everything.

Rihanna: “Fresh Off The Runway” from the album Unapologetic

This is what we’ve come to expect from the pop world’s current bad girl; club ready beats and swaggering lyrics. It is the ultimate “I’m that chick who you wish you could be” jam. Which I’m sure will serve as a few peoples motivation to work just that much harder of reaching their goals.

The Game feat. Chris Brown, Tyga & Lil’ Wayne: “Celebrate” from the album Jesus Piece

This is one of those songs that I’m sure received heavy play at many New Year’s Eve’s parties. This is textbook laidback, very West Coast. You want to let the good times roll, throw this on and enjoy whatever moment in which you are currently involved. Plus, that Bone Thugs-N-Harmony sample doesn’t hurt.

Mariah Carey feat. Rick Ross and Meek Mill “Triumphant” album TBA 2013

Released as a buzz single for Mimi, the words of this song are very encouraging. I honestly wish that Mariah would have had more involvement with the tune because her parts are the most inspirational.


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