Memba Me Monday

R&B Crooner Jon B.

For my generation, 90s R&B was everything. Not a lick of knowledge about the words we were singing about but it sounded good, so we harmonized as best as our little voices could with popular tunes of the day.

Jonathan Buck, or Jon B. as the public knows him, got his lucky break in 1992 when the President and CEO of Yab-Yum Records, Tracey Edmonds, came across his demo. It just also happened that Edmonds was the wife of super producer Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds. Babyface would eventually help launch Jon’s career. The Edmonds contracted Jon as a songwriter and penned songs for artists such as Michael Jackson and Toni Braxton.

In 1995, Jon took his writing and put them into effect for his own debut album Bonafide. The album spawned the top ten hit “Someone To Love” featuring Babyface. Bonafide went platinum. While Bonafide served as Jon’s official introduction, it would be his sophomore effort Cool Relax that catapulted his career. Cool Relax reeled off Jon’s biggest hits; “They Don’t Know”,
“Are U Still Down” featuring Tupac Shakur, and “I Do (Whatcha Say Boo)”. Cool Relax went double platinum.

Jon’s third album, Pleasures U Like, arrived in 2001 with the sole single “Don’t Talk”. The album didn’t fare as well its predecessors commercially due to lack of promotion, which caused Jon to part ways with Sony. Jon released four more albums: Stronger Everyday (2004), Holiday Wishes: From Me To You (2006), Helpless Romantic (2008), and 2012’s Comfortable Swag. The release of Holiday Wishes was the first release under his deal with Arsenal Records. He has his imprint, Vibezelect Records.

Jon B. has been invisible to mainstream for more than a decade. He disappeared for a while for personal reasons. After the passing of his love, actress Michelle Thomas who played Myra Monkhouse on the sitcom Family Matters, Jon stepped away from the business for a while. Jon B.  may not be a force on the airwaves anymore but his hits will forever knock.


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