10 Awesome Odes to Music

Music is probably the only thing that can bring people of all walks of life together. Despite their differences, people will happily set them aside for three and a half minutes funk. Here are 10 of the most awesome nods to music.

The O’Jays “I Love Music”: I mean, really, the title says it all. This Gamble and Huff track was a hit for the The O’Jays that reached number five on the Billboard Hot 100 and spent eight weeks atop the disco/dance charts.

Erick Sermon featuring Marvin Gaye “Music”: I really hate to list Gaye as a feature because he was clearly the carrier of this track. That’s no slight to Sermon either, who also delivers, but it is undoubtedly the sampling of Gaye’s “I’ve Got My Music (Turn on Some Music)” that makes the song.

Marvin Gaye “I’ve Got My Music (Turn on Some Music)”: Nothing needs to be said. Just listen to Gaye kill it accapella as he croons about his two loves.

Erykah Badu featuring Common “Love of My Life (An Ode to Hip-Hop)”: For a film like Brown Sugar, no other song fit more perfectly than Badu’s 2002 nod to the art form of Hip-Hop.

Brandy “Music”: Unless you pick up Brandy’s latest effort Two Eleven, you probably won’t know this song. Included as a bonus track, Brandy tells us about her dependence and admiration for her constant partner.

Michael Jackson “Music and Me”: When you began performing at the age of five, it’s understandable that your first love would be music. It’s even more understandable when you exhibit an unparallel talent such as MJ’s.

LL Cool J “I Can’t Live Without My Radio”: Before LL needed love, he showed it to the device that brought happiness to music lovers all around the world.

Beyoncé “Radio”: As a young girl that spent serious time in the room, doors locked, with my radio; Beyoncé’s uptempo track brings back some great memories.

Stevie Wonder “Sir Duke”: Technically this was a tribute to Duke Ellington (Sir Duke) featured on Wonder’s Songs in the Key of Life album released in 1976, two years after the Duke’s passing. However, Wonder mentions several other musical giants on the track as he beautifully tells us how important music is and will always be.

Goapele “For Love”: I first heard this song in the short film The Door by Ava DuVernay (you should def check this out). The song is an inspirational push for those who struggle with their art but continue out of pure love. For music lovers, we know it’s always pure love.


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