What’s Really Good?:All For The Love of the Game

The WNBA Draft Class of 2013 with league President Laurel J. Richie

There was no surprise when Baylor University star Brittney Griner was selected number one overall in the WNBA Draft. Griner will join former number one pick Diana Taurasi and the Mercury out in Phoenix. There was also no surprise at the ignorance that was displayed during and after the televised round of the draft on television. On Twitter, #WNBAinjuries trended with all the misogyny laced ignorance statements that one could fit into 140 characters. The league is entering into its 16th year and there is one thing that ignorance has not managed to dim; the players love for the game. Continue reading “What’s Really Good?:All For The Love of the Game”


Memba Me Monday (DMX)


I don’t watch Iyanla: Fix My Life. I’ll just leave it on the ‘she’s not for me’ step. Recently, Iyanla attempted to ‘fix’ the life of rapper DMX. Since the airing of the segment DMX and his representatives have released statements denouncing the interview. We all know that X has some major issues that have been eating him for a while. I personally think that the Brotha needs more and better than 90 minutes and Iyanla. He’s got some issues that don’t need to be exploited for ratings. It seems as that every time someone tries to help X, there is always a camera around. Continue reading “Memba Me Monday (DMX)”