Memba Me Monday (DMX)


I don’t watch Iyanla: Fix My Life. I’ll just leave it on the ‘she’s not for me’ step. Recently, Iyanla attempted to ‘fix’ the life of rapper DMX. Since the airing of the segment DMX and his representatives have released statements denouncing the interview. We all know that X has some major issues that have been eating him for a while. I personally think that the Brotha needs more and better than 90 minutes and Iyanla. He’s got some issues that don’t need to be exploited for ratings. It seems as that every time someone tries to help X, there is always a camera around.

My heart aches for Earl Simmons whenever I hear a new story about him. I hope the Brotha finds the strength and gets and takes the help that he really needs. However, for the most part, whenever I hear the name DMX, I selfishly choose to picture the artist whose first five albums debuted at number one, resulting in the selling of over 30 million albums. Or the man that could hype any crowd with his signature growl. Or the man that ventured successfully into films. This is the DMX that I memba and the one that I hope returns some day.


One comment

  1. I didn’t watch it but I do memba seeing a few episodes of celebrity rehab…X use to be my man back in them Ruff Ryder days

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