No Intro Needed

I started this piece at least seven times. I couldn’t figure out from which angle I wanted to attack. The most obvious would have been to list all of Janet Jackson’s accomplishment, but I don’t really have the time it would take to list them all. Then I thought I would approach it by telling you how much of your current fave’s image borrows from Janet’s. But that might bring on delusional hate. Not that I really care about an attack from other stans, it’s more of the time issue, again. Somewhere during that seventh intro, it hit me. Regardless of personal opinions or fickle consumers, Janet Jackson’s legacy is firm. It needs no defending. It continues to show its presence on the charts, television and in the trends of today. Janet Jackson is a legend. Janet Jackson is an icon. Janet Jackson is just janet. and there will never be another like her. So, on Janet’s 47th birthday, (inorite), I’ll just let her speak for herself as she has done for 40 plus years and will continue to do better than I or any imitators could possibly try. Continue reading “No Intro Needed”


Memba Me Monday (E-V-E)

Tomorrow Eve will release her fourth studio album Lip Lock. The last full-length effort released by the rapper came in 2002 with Eve-Oultion and her last hit was the Alicia Keys hooked “Gangsta Lovin.” The lead single for Lip Lock was the pop tinged “Make It Out This Town” featuring Gabe Saporta. It was a nice little buzz single but it’s the second single “Eve” featuring Miss Kitty that gives us the Eve that we have become accustomed to and love. Until the new ish drops, let’s take a stroll down memory lane with some of the pit bull in skirt’s biggest hits. Continue reading “Memba Me Monday (E-V-E)”

What’s Really Good? (Stanning 4 Lyfe)

Michael Jackson was a genius. His music, his style and his overall presence just screamed genius. Michael Jackson was also human. He had his fears, dreams, good and bad days. We, the public, tend to forget that about him and all of our favorite entertainers. And let’s be real, sometimes those performers are partly to blame for pushing this otherworldly persona. There are rumors that Jackson leaked stories about himself to the press that kept his name branded onto spaceships. Whether that’s true or not remains a great debate. Continue reading “What’s Really Good? (Stanning 4 Lyfe)”

Memba Me Monday (Kris Kross)

Chris Kelly and Chris Smith were Kris Kross.

When Jermaine Dupri discovered best friends Chris Kelly and Chris Smith in an Atlanta mall in 1990, a partnership was formed that would spawn three hit albums and several hit songs. By 1992,the duo would be known to the world as Kris Kross (Kelly would also be known as ‘Daddy Mac’ and Smith as “Mac Daddy’) as they released their debut album Totally Krossed Out. Continue reading “Memba Me Monday (Kris Kross)”