What’s Really Good? (Stanning 4 Lyfe)

Michael Jackson was a genius. His music, his style and his overall presence just screamed genius. Michael Jackson was also human. He had his fears, dreams, good and bad days. We, the public, tend to forget that about him and all of our favorite entertainers. And let’s be real, sometimes those performers are partly to blame for pushing this otherworldly persona. There are rumors that Jackson leaked stories about himself to the press that kept his name branded onto spaceships. Whether that’s true or not remains a great debate.

For this generation, most remember Wade Robson as the choreographer to Britney Spears and *NSYNC. Or as a judge from So You Think You Can Dance. Robson was mentored by Jackson, appeared in his videos and was even signed to a deal under his MJJ music label. Back in 2005, when Jackson was on trial for child molestation, Robson testified on his behalf. Robson testified that Jackson never touched him in inappropriately. Now, Robson is changing his story and asking for money as a result of his edits. According to TMZ, Robson is claiming that he was sexually abused by Jackson as a child and is asking for monetary compensation. Sigh. When the story first popped up on my Twitter feed my reaction was; “Oh, shit.” Then I read the story and came away like; “Chile, boo.” The timing and demands from Robson make the accusations extra suspicious to me. But side-eye aside at Robson, his accusations bring to light, once again, something disturbing: STANS.

Since Eminem released his classic song “Stan” in 2000, the term has become a part of the pop culture lexicon. As defined by Urban Dictionary: a “stan” is an overzealous maniacal fan for any celebrity or athlete. Whenever any accusations are brought up against any of our favorite celebrities, we tend to dismiss them without much thought. We call the accusers’ money hungry or fame seekers. Truthfully, 75% of the time we’re not far off. But there are some fans that take the need to have the image of their faves unblemished, that they go to disturbing lengths to defend them. Through twatching I have witnessed a many death threats thrown out during stan wars. There is one current artist’s whose fans take the cake when it comes to their loyalty. Out of protection of my own sanity, the entertainer shall remain unnamed because their fans search for any buzz of their name. And quite frankly, I don’t have the time or energy to deal with the delusions. Since Robson’s new accusations there have been some scary comments made about him on social networks.

This obsession some folks possess isn’t new. It’s just that there are more platforms to display the behavior. The works of some entertainers help to keep some people ‘sane.” Have you ever been in a horrible mood and turned on your favorite song or movie and your mood instantly brightened? That is the intended purpose of most art. But there is a problem when what is meant for sanity pushes one closer to insanity. With that being said, here’s what’s really good.
Janet Jackson is everything to me when it comes to entertainment. I love her music, dancing, style and the way she presents herself. But there will never come a day that you will catch me throwing death threats towards anyone, especially strangers, because they don’t care for any of those traits that were mentioned above. I may joke about the godliness of Janet but I know that when cut, she bleeds just like I do.


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