Jams for the Summer

June 21st marked the summer solstice. Temperatures are rising and so are the levels of spontaneity. Here are a few songs that will make the perfect soundtrack to a great summer. Drums please!

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Ain’t Too Much For Me To Jam

Michael Jackson never followed trends. That is how Jackson broke the color barrier over at MTV and revolutionized the game while becoming the standard. He proved this time and again every time he released a video or as he called them short films. Jackson’s visuals that accompanied his music always had a beginning, middle, climax and ending. Michael Jackson was also one of the greatest dancers of all time. When he moved his body became a part of the music. He once explained to Oprah that his movements were involuntary and most of the time determined by whatever feeling the music gave him. He told stories with his music, films and body. Four years after the death of the King, here are some of his greatest dance films, in no particular order.

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Play or Bench?

Rowland’s album is set to arrive on June 18th.

It feels weird calling an artist that has sold over 100 million records underrated. Yet, that is exactly how it feels when it comes to mentioning all of the things that Janet Jackson has accomplished with some people. Whether they are aware of it or not, Jackson has and continues to influence generations of artists. From the sampling of her music to the copying of her fashions, Janet Jackson’s presence is still hard on the scene. Continue reading “Play or Bench?”

Memba Me Monday (3LW)

Naturi Naughton, Kiely Williams, and Adrienne Bailon were 3LW.

Before Naturi Naughton portrayed the coming of Lil’ Kim, Adrienne Bailon had fun with Fabolous, and Kiely…well Kiely Williams popped up here and there; the three were known as R&B trio Three Little Women (3LW) on the charts. Continue reading “Memba Me Monday (3LW)”