Memba Me Monday (3LW)

Naturi Naughton, Kiely Williams, and Adrienne Bailon were 3LW.

Before Naturi Naughton portrayed the coming of Lil’ Kim, Adrienne Bailon had fun with Fabolous, and Kiely…well Kiely Williams popped up here and there; the three were known as R&B trio Three Little Women (3LW) on the charts.

3LW popped onto the scene with their debut single “No More (Baby I’ma Do Right)” in 2000. The single was a smash and was followed “Playas Gon Play” in 2001, which also brought success. I’m also quite confident to mention that my cousins and I choreographed a routine to “Playas Gon Play” and performed it for strangers to enthusiastic applause. 3LW’s self-titled debut album went on to sell 1.3 million copies and helped to propel the young women into teen idol stardom. By the time their second album, A Girl Can Mack, arrived on the scene to dismal numbers, the group was starting to crack. Naturi Naughton left the group with claims of disagreements with the other group members and the group’s management. Naughton claimed she was forced out of the group. Bailon and Williams continued as a duo but soon held auditions for a replacement for Naughton. The group’s third album never saw the light of day.

Bailon and Williams may be most recognizable to some as half of the popular Disney channel group The Cheetah Girls. The group was created for the station’s movie about a young group searching for their big break, Raven Symone starred in the franchise. The group actually saw success as their albums and merchandise sold well. That ‘group’ eventually split as well.

Since their days of telling playas to get lost, the members of 3LW have each continued to work in the industry. Naughton has seen the most success appearing in Broadway musicals and motion pictures. Bailon has mainly kept her name out there through her personal happenings as she became a fixture on Urban Blogs. Williams has made appearances in a few movies here and there. Whatever they are doing now, they will always be remembered as the sassy little women we witnessed telling their unfaithful beaus to get to steppin’ and will forever remain a part of the soundtrack for a generation.


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