Play or Bench?

Rowland’s album is set to arrive on June 18th.

It feels weird calling an artist that has sold over 100 million records underrated. Yet, that is exactly how it feels when it comes to mentioning all of the things that Janet Jackson has accomplished with some people. Whether they are aware of it or not, Jackson has and continues to influence generations of artists. From the sampling of her music to the copying of her fashions, Janet Jackson’s presence is still hard on the scene.

Kelly Rowland has stated several times are adoration and admiration for Jackson. Rowland’s breakout 2011 BET Awards Performance was a direct rip from Jackson’s 1998 hit “I Get So Lonely” from Jackson’s The Velvet Rope era. Once again, Rowland is taken another page from that era as she samples another track from the same album. Technically, Rowland samples Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi” but most will most likely pick this up as a Jackson hat tip. Jackson sampled the Mitchell song for her 1997 hit with Q-Tip, “Got Til It’s Gone.” Rowland’s title seems to also come from Jackson’s version

“Gone” finds Rowland telling her lover that she’s done, while her guest feature Wiz Khalifa raps about his lover talking a good game but always coming back. The song sounds like it will see another solid turn for Rowland on the charts. This song, along with the steamy “Kisses Down Low” and emotionally draining “Dirty Laundry” will appear on Rowland’s upcoming album Talk A Good Game due out on June 18th.
What say you Vibers? Are you going to play or gon’ and leave Ms. Kelly on the bench?


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