Jams for the Summer

June 21st marked the summer solstice. Temperatures are rising and so are the levels of spontaneity. Here are a few songs that will make the perfect soundtrack to a great summer. Drums please!

Tamar Braxton “The One”: The youngest and loudest of the Braxton family made a name for herself on the family’s reality show, Braxton Family Values, by her off the cuff and humorous personality. Braxton’s first single from her upcoming summer album, “Love and War,” proved that Toni’s little sister had major talent to go along with all of that personality. Now, she is set to heat up the summer with her second single “The One.” It does bring to mind Keyshia Cole’s 2007 hit “Let it Go” which also sampled Mtume’s “Juicy” but the songs have two different meanings.

Ciara “Body Party”: As an artist, Ciara tends to confuse and sadden me at times. But when she’s releasing tracks like “Body Party” everything is right, as she is in her element. The slick track which samples the 1996 hit “My Boo” from Ghost Town DJ’s has summer house party written all over it. I do wish that there was less of Future ‘reading’ in the video and more of CiCi dancing.

Alicia Keys duet with Maxwell “Fire We Make”: What would summer be without a little romance…for some? Keys and Maxwell’s voices mesh so well on this mellow track about a hot romance. Imagine this song playing in the background on a moonlight night on the beach with a small bonfire.

Mariah Carey featuring. Miguel “#Beautiful”: Miguel has been doing his thing for a couple of years and the mainstream is slowly starting to pick up on him. But the R&B world is well aware of the baby faced crooner and the legendary Mariah Carey took notice and tapped him to guest on her soon to be released new album. With its vintage feel, this song just begs to be blasted on a hot day with the windows or top down.

Rihanna “Pour It Up”: You pretty much could place just about any RiRi song on this list and it would work. But, since summer is the season of drunken slumbers and randomness let’s just stick with this ode to shots and strip clubs.

Beyonce “Grown Woman”: This new track from Bey’s upcoming album is what we’ve come expect from the diva. Rave inducing beats that will lead you blindly to the dance floor before you even know it. The first line of the second verse where Bey boldly sings; “they love the way I walk/cause I walk with a vengeance” is just so bad arse, mane!

Chris Brown “Fine China”: I’ll be the first to admit that I’m one of those fans who gives Brown major flack for his imitations of Michael Jackson. It’s one thing to be inspired and its another just to take everything and do it or try to do it the exact same way. Despite my harsh stan critiques, Breezy’s “Fine China” is banger. It really is reminiscent of several different MJ songs and is guaranteed to have one pulling out their best moonwalk.

Kelly Rowland featuring Wiz Khalifa “Gone”: The third official single from Rowland takes a sample from Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi” but most will probably associate it, especially with its title, to Janet Jackson’s “Got Til It’s Gone” from 1997 which featured Q-Tip. Rowland tells a lover she’s had enough while her Khalifa tries to call his on a bluff. Rowland absolutely smashes the hook.

B Smyth featuring 2Chainz “Leggo”: If Chris Brown isn’t careful; there is a new kid on the block that could be coming for his spot. A baby face, good voice, and smooth moves; B. Smyth is sure to find more success like he is experiencing with his debut single. The song is a fun and danceable tune that will keep the dance floor packed.



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