What’s Really Good?

She Plays Like…

Sheryl Swoopes is now the head coach of Loyola University Chicago’s Women’s basketball team.

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Title IX, Robin Roberts and ESPN have come together for a series of documentaries produced by women filmmakers about women in the sports world. There are nine films and each one takes on a different groundbreaking moment. Tonight (7/30) the documentary Swoopes will premiere. Swoopes will take a look at the career and personal life of the basketball legend Sheryl Swoopes. Just like the rest of you, I haven’t seen the film; I don’t have those types of connections yet but I have however read a couple of reviews of the film and there was in particular that made me roll my eyes HARD after four paragraphs. The “she plays like a guy” statement was pulled. Sigh. Continue reading “What’s Really Good?”


Memba Me Monday (Chingy)

Y’all memba when Nelly was making errythang hot and giving people a soundtrack to their dilemmas as they were stepping out on their significant others in their Air Force 1s? Nelly was the man in the early 2000s with his derrty style that he brought from St. Louis to the mainstream. His success opened up the door slightly for his own group The St. Lunatics and for another rapper from the Louie, Chingy.

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