Memba Me Monday (Dru Hill)

Before Sisqo broke out with his signature blonde hair and thong in hand, he was a part of the R&B group Dru Hill. The group had a string of hits from 1996-1999 before each member branched off to do their own things solo. Sisqo was the breakout star as he managed to squeeze out to two platinum albums and a few top ten singles. Unknown to many, Continue reading “Memba Me Monday (Dru Hill)”

A Song for Me


Confidence in anything you do is a must have. It’s one of the reasons why the greats are so great, and it turned both admired and envied. And although it is frowned upon by some, sometimes a little ego stroking is exactly what is needed for our own sanity. Here are a few songs that are perfect for those moments when you just need to be your own biggest stan. Continue reading “A Song for Me”

What’s Really Good?: Let Me Tell You About Me

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Sigh. I have been doing that a lot more lately, sighing. Every time I log onto one of my social media accounts or read the comments on any article (I still haven’t learned to avoid that mind trap) the sighs are inevitable. And world forbid I enter the space of a fellow Black Feminist… The misogyny intertwined inside of the racism in those spaces is nothing short of mind-blowing. However, the real trap is on these ‘frivolous’ sites that details the current goings on in Hollywood and whatnot. It is on those sites that we can really gauge just how much progress is still needed in this post-racial society. Continue reading “What’s Really Good?: Let Me Tell You About Me”