5 Songs for the Push Through

Twitter has introduced me to quite a few interesting people and ideas. Recently a writer by the name of Britni Danielle was retweeted into my timeline. Danielle’s tweets caught my interest which led me to check out her profile. It was then that I noticed that I was a little familiar with Danielle’s work as I had previously read some of her work for Clutch Magazine. On her profile was a link to her personal website http://www.britnidanielle.com and when I tell y’all that post after post had me waving my imaginary MLK fan, chile. Danielle shared her journey of going out on a twig to live her dream of being a writer and the steps she took to achieve said dream. I was so inspired and pumped up after reading her posts that I started to think about my own desires and the steps that I’m taking to achieve them. And like everything else in my life, I set my thoughts to a soundtrack. Here are five tunes that are great when to take a listen to when you need a little push.

Jordin Sparks “One Step At A Time”

The third single from the American Idol winner’s self-titled debut album encapsulates all of the emotions that one may experience before taking on something new. Whether its love or shooting for a dream; Sparks’ beautifully reminds us that the doubt and despair are only a few of the steps of our journeys. Plus, get into how miss Jordin works those heels in the video!

Jazmine Sullivan “Dream Big”

From her debut album that is aptly titled Fearless, Sullivan puts to music her determination to achieve her dream. Fed up of going to that depressing work space everyday and feel that your dream is out of reach? Sullivan says no hunty, dream bigger, take that chance, and make it happen.

Whitney Houston “Step by Step”

It wouldn’t be a stretch to call Whitney Houston the queen of covers alongside all of her other titles. Anyone who can take a song and make it a smash that even Aretha Franklin’s voice couldn’t take to the top deserves the nod. One of “The Voice’s” biggest hits is the self-love and DARE program graduation theme song (y’all memba DARE?) “Greatest Love of All,” which was originally recorded by George Benson. Houston covered another motivational tune for the soundtrack of her film The Preacher’s Wife in 1996. Annie Lennox originally wrote and recorded “Step by Step” in 1992 but it was Houston’s version that hit mainstream. Houston changes a few words from Lennox’s original but the message still remains the same. Things may get tough but as long as you keep stepping, good things are inevitable.

Athena Cage “All or Nothing”

The Kut Klose member recorded this song for the Save the Last Dance soundtrack. Y’all memba the scene where Julia Stiles character smashed her audition piece?! Pefecto! The words are simple and to the point. You can live your dreams if you are willing to put in the work required.

Eve feat. Gabe Saporta “Make it Out This Town”

I’m pretty sure that everyone has uttered the sentiment of this song before at some point in their lives; especially when you hit those teenage years of wanting your independence. The lead single from the Philly bred rapper’s return to the game is a pop tinged ode to the struggle and desire to become successful. The good thing about the song is that it doesn’t attempt to define what success is; instead it leaves the defining up to its listeners.

What are some songs that you use to help push you through?


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