Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody: Songs That Are Guaranteed To Get You On The Floor

Kid n’ Play gettin’ it!

Labor Day just passed and with its passing came the reminder that summer’s end is approaching. Sigh. As sad as that realization is, let’s choose to look on the bright side and take advantage of the 15 days we officially have left of summer. There’s still time to get those last minute cookouts in and here is a small playlist that is guaranteed to get the function extra hyped.

P.S.: This list is a sure fire way to get the dance floor packed during any time of the year.

Maze featuring. Frankie Beverly “Before I Let Go”-

From the first beat drop you know that things are about to get extra real. This sets the tone for a great and relaxing time.

Beyonce “Get Me Bodied”

This song is pretty much a six minute workout. But Bey’s intense yet carefree vocals makes it so much fun that you don’t notice that you got a full days worth of cardio in while you were snapping imaginary photos and imitating Naomi Campbell’s walk.

Notorious B.I.G featuring. Puff Daddy & Mase “Mo Money, Mo Problems”

This song brings back memories of me entertaining my friends at games with my version of Diddy’s bop. The track is one of the reminders that we truly lost out on the talent of B.I.G way too soon.

Usher featuring Ludacris and Lil’ Jon “Yeah!”

It’s impossible not to hit the floor or anything for that matter when you hear Lil Jon blaring through the speakers. Add in the smooth vocals of Usher and the animated rhymes of Ludacris and you’ve got the ultimate party anthem.

Will Smith “Gettin’ Jiggy With It”

Okay, so Will Smith isn’t the best rapper but he sure hit the mark with this fun song back in 1998. Don’t front like Big Willie didn’t have you gettin’ jiggy everytime this song was played, which was quite often.

Ghost Town DJs “My Boo”

Ciara recently sampled this song on her hit “Body Party” and the beat is still the same party starter it was back in 1996 when the group gave us the infectious crush worthy tune.

Michael Jackson “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”

There’s really nothing to be said here except for the initials MJ; but I just want to add that Jackson and Quincy really did create a timeless piece with this classic groove.

Marcia Griffith “Electric Boogie”

The dance set to this tune can get the party started at ANY function and is pretty much a staple at any Black function.

Kid n’ Play “Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody”

If you star in a film series with the words house and Party in it, you better make sure that music for those movies are in top notch party form. For the second installment of the House Party series, rap duo Kid n’ Play certainly delivered with this ode to having a good time on the dance floor. Also, if you’ve never attempted the Kid n’ Play dance at least ONCE in your life, I will judge you, unfairly.

What are some of your favorite party songs?


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