Memba Me Monday (Tyra B.)

One would assume that success would be inevitable when you manage to score two hits on a Billboard chart without any support from a major label and it seemed as if singer Tyra B. was heading that way when her single “Givin’ Me A Rush” followed the two under the radar songs (“Country Boy” and “Still in Love”) with greater reception in 2005. The single was a moderate success and was set to be released on Tyra B.’s second album Past Due. That album has yet to be released and Tyra B. hasn’t been heard from, at least in any mainstream format, since then. In April of this year Tyra B. released a mixtape called The Morning After. And according to her official Twitter (@itstyrab) the singer has still been working on her craft and recently opened up for Brandy.

Until Tyra B. makes her way back to our playlists, let’s take a moment to chill with her vibed out vocals and check out a song that you didn’t know had you sleeping.


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