A Song for Me


Confidence in anything you do is a must have. It’s one of the reasons why the greats are so great, and it turned both admired and envied. And although it is frowned upon by some, sometimes a little ego stroking is exactly what is needed for our own sanity. Here are a few songs that are perfect for those moments when you just need to be your own biggest stan.

Kelly Rowland “Feelin’ Me Right Now”
Rowland’s 2011 album Here I Am saw success thanks largely to the album’s second single “Motivation.” But I was kind of upset with Ms. Kelly when she kept the theme of releasing collaborations and skipped on releasing the smooth and catchy “Feelin’ Me Right Now.” This is one of those songs that screams “I’m on my ish and I am the ish.”

Beyonce “Ego”
This title is pretty self-explanatory. Double meaning aside for the fellas, this song allows you to pet your ego without feeling arrogant. Plus, she had Kanye on the remix, I mean…. Chea!

Usher “Pop Ya Colla”
Most won’t remember this song because it was strapped and snatched from the airwaves after Usher’s album “All About U” was hacked and leaked. But the song itself was a fun R&B dance number that urged folks to drown out the naysayers and live it up as you please.

Rocko “Umma Do Me”
Before he was busy telling us what we were unaware of, Rocko instructed us to do the best us while he continued to do him.

R. Kelly “The World’s Greatest”
Written for the bio flick Ali, this number flows in the same direction as his monster hit “I Believe I Can Fly.” By the end of the song, you’ll up with your fists in the air as if you had just gone one round with the champ and made it out alive.

Rihanna “Phresh Out The Runway”
There are a lot of popstars today who claim that they don’t care what anyone thinks of them. However, there are not many who convey it as convincingly as Rihanna. From her album Unapologetic this is three minutes and forty-two seconds of letting someone know who the flyest is really.

Bow Wow feat. Jermaine Dupri & J-Kwon “Fresh Azimiz”
While trying to convince the world that he was no longer lil, Bow Wow released this ode to himself which was reportedly a diss track to peer Romeo. Who doesn’t feel like repeating the chorus on those days that you feel like your dopeness may be a little offensive to anyone who comes in contact with you?!

Diana Ross “I’m Coming Out”
Unapologetic and funky as all get out!


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