Wait, Who Is This? :20 Great Debut Singles

First impressions are said to be everything. In a field such as entertainment, a lot of times it can make or break you. Presenting an image or sound to the public can be tricky. For the most part, most have short term memories and that could swing two ways: they either forget you all together or forget you enough so that you can repackage and present again. For these 20 artists, they came out of the gate with heat. Continue reading “Wait, Who Is This? :20 Great Debut Singles”


Wake Up: Five Songs That We Slept On


There are certain groups of fans who like to try and hurry legends and solid artists into retirement because they have deemed them as irrelevant. As a result, certain artists forget their target audiences and the identities that made them successful and loved in the chase for relevancy. If they do continue to be true, their music, good music, gets pushed to the back and in some cases never heard. Here are five songs that were slept on because of some of those pressures.

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