Memba Me Monday (Fatty Koo)

Back in 2004 BET joined in on the reality craze with the show Blowin Up: Fatty Koo. The show centered on the formation of a group out of Columbus, Ohio. The group consisted of six members: Kiana Allison (Valure), Eddie Brickerson, Marya Barrios, Gabrielle Travis, Joshua Welton, and Ron Riley. The group released its first and only album House of Fatty Koo in 2005. Fatty Koo’s first single release “Bounce” failed to make any splashes commercially as did their second single “Chills.” The latter was only released to radio and never had a video.

Nothing has been heard from the group after their 2005 but it’s probably safe to assume that the members have continued on solo in hopes of fulfilling their musical dreams. The group may have disappeared quicker than some expected but they were actuallly talented and their song “Chills” was seriously underrated and overlooked.


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