Wake Up: Five Songs That We Slept On


There are certain groups of fans who like to try and hurry legends and solid artists into retirement because they have deemed them as irrelevant. As a result, certain artists forget their target audiences and the identities that made them successful and loved in the chase for relevancy. If they do continue to be true, their music, good music, gets pushed to the back and in some cases never heard. Here are five songs that were slept on because of some of those pressures.

Usher “Moving’ Mountains”
Y’all memba when Usher tried to grow up after Confessions but we wouldn’t let him, then we got hit with will.i.am collaborations and awkward performances with Justin Bieber? Although it is true that he hopped on the euro train with some of his songs, Usher still hasn’t completely left his R&B roots, as evident by his lead single “Climax” from his seventh studio album Looking 4 Myself. But in the middle of some of his fans asking why Tameka and others pleading for a Confessions part two, his album Here I Stand was mildly overlooked and underrated. There were less club numbers but the album contained some solid R&B that truly showed Usher’s vocal abilities. The Timbaland produced “Moving’ Mountains” was greatly overlooked. Reminiscent of another Timbo produced track, Omarion’s “Icebox”, the song details a broken relationship that two lovers are trying to repair and return to normal after some Confession like infidelity. Usher manages to make his voice heard on the beat driven track with great emotion.

Mariah Carey featuring Ne-Yo “Angels Cry” remix

Quite a few of Mariah Carey’s latest releases may come off as lazy to some because the Songbird has been taking a backseat on her own tracks and letting her collaborators do more of the lifting. On the 2010 track of her remix to “Angels Cry” from the album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, the Diva does most of the heavy lifting. The original track is good but the addition of Ne-Yo propelled the song to a different level.

Janet Jackson “Rock With U”

First, the video is SICKENING and the choreography slays, resuscitates, and then buries you alive. Released in 2008, this song was really a bit ahead of its time. The dance sound that would enslave radio in the following years can be heard on this track as Jackson soothes her way through the Ne-Yo penned lyrics.

Toni Braxton “Hands Tied”

The video for this track is beautiful, although Braxton isn’t quite as fierce as she needed to be on that pole. But that fierceness is made up as the vocals are vintage Toni The Braxton. Plus, check out Tamar giving us some awesome doo wop pop moments in the background.

Whitney Houston “Million Dollar Bill”

Its no secret that Whitney Houston’s voice wasn’t in top form when she made her return in 2009 with her sixth studio album I Look To You. The second and final release from the album was the Alicia Keys penned “Million Dollar Bill.” The uptempo song proved that despite everything, Houston still knew how to have a good time with her voice.


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