Memba Me Monday (Day26)

After finding success with the formation of the group Danity Kane, Diddy decided to form the male version with Making the Band 4. He selected Robert Curry, Brian Andrews, Willie Taylor, Qwanell (Que) Mosley, and Michael McCluney. The five men became known as Day26. The group found success as their self-titled debut album hit number one straight out of the gate. After the release of their sophomore album Forever in a Day, the group parted ways with member Que. The remaining four members released the song “Made Love Lately” but it failed to make any noise. The group officially disbanded in July of 2012 to pursue solo endeavors but according to members Taylor and Mosley via Instagram, a reunion ala Danity Kane is on the horizon.

Xtra: Y’all memba little Donnie Klang whom didn’t make the group but managed to score a solo deal with Diddy out of the show? His debut album Just a Rolling Stone debuted at #19 but much hasn’t been heard from him since the show. He split with Diddy and Bad Boy in 2010 and started his own label, Donnie Klang Entertainment.


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