5 Songs for the Little Sistuh

My seven year old niece spends a lot of time with me. As a result, she can spot out a Janet Jackson song with ease. My sister, her mom, was shocked when they were riding along with me one day and my niece casually sang along to Anita Baker’s “Caught Up in the Rapture.” I’m starting her young I replied to her shocked amusement. I’m careful what I play around her because kids pay attention to a lot more than we what we think. There have been several times when I have heard her humming songs that I thought wouldn’t have interested her in the least. I’m always looking for ways to empower her and music is a great choice. Here are five songs that young sistuhs will enjoy.

Queen Latifah “Unity”
Ok, this song does have a few words that many may not want their child to hear but it is within good reason. The message is one that still rings true today; the power of owning who you are and your name can never be taught too early. Plus, there is a free and valuable spelling lesson in there.

Alicia Keys “New Day”
My niece is actually the one who put me onto this song. The Dr. Dre and Swizz Beats produced track comes from Keys’ fifth studio album Girl on Fire. The number is filled with inspiring lyrics and all the drums that a youth’s heart can stand. Simply put, it’s a fun song and fun is always welcomed.

Janelle Monae featuring Solange “Electric Lady”
This is currently my niece’s favorite song. She sings it enthusiastically and loudly from the back seat of the car every time it is played. Monae has so many songs that speak to the uniqueness in each and every one of us and this song is a great introduction to the bossness that is Monae for a little one!

Janet Jackson “Special”
The last track from Jackson’s most personal record, “Special” explores her insecurities and how she often needs to remind herself that everyone is born special, even herself. The song is so easy to sing along with and the message is something that all ages can take from. It is nice to be able to start a young one with a reminder that they are indeed special.

Aretha Franklin “Respect”

Demanding respect can never start too early. The title of this song basically tells its own story of why it makes the list. Plus, it’s the Queen, yanno!

*All of these songs have been tested on my niece and they are truly kid approved*


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