A Simple Reminder

Life sometimes can feel like the most terrifying ride at the theme park. Whether you are pursuing your passion or simply just trying to make it through the day; some days are just tougher than most and you feel like nothing will ever go right. It seems as if you may never move from the spot that you are currently. You’re working trying to get your talent noticed or just manage a smile and nothing seems to be working…

Then Whitney steps in to remind you to never give up…

Then Janelle chimes in and lets you know that every step forward is to be celebrated, no matter how small…

Then Goapele adds that those small steps eventually will bring you closer to your desired destination…

Then Tasia sums it all up with the reminder that those before you took that same journey before they were able to kick down doors, and that they just simply refused to be denied.Refuse to be denied!


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