5 Usher Songs You Probably Missed

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Usher just released his lead single for his eighth studio album, How U See, entitled “Good Kisser.” The track finds Usher returning to his R&B roots and should provide for a good time in the clubs. In preparation for the release of his new album, here are five tracks that you need to hear from the baby-faced crooner that you may have missed from his last couple of albums. Hopefully his new music will head somewhere in the direction of these songs and his newest song: good.

“Twisted” from Looking 4 Myself
There’s so much Marvin Gaye and Jackie Wilson in this retro sounding song that you cannot help but to hit a couple of glides across the floor. Usher definitely needs to venture this way again for a song or two on How U See It.

“Mars vs. Venus” & “Lay You Down” from Raymond v. Raymond and Versus.
Usher told Oprah that he plays his music when he is trying to get in the mood with his companion. Tracks like these make it easy to see way. Both of these songs are, in a sense, classic Usher. Crooning for to the ladies and crooning for the fellas to please the ladies.

“Revolver” Here I Stand (iTunes Store Deluxe version)
This track was included on the deluxe edition of Here I Stand and is a great display of the vocals that Usher can produce. I mean his falsetto on this song is simply awesome.

“This Ain’t Sex” Here I Stand
The Victoria Secret performance of this song will make you fall in love with the track solely based on how many times you will have to hit the replay button.

What do you think of Usher’s newest song “Good Kisser”? Are you playing it or benching?


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