5 Artists Who Should Display Their Kissing Skills

Usher released his newest single, “Good Kisser,” on Monday. I’ve honestly had it on repeat since the infectious tune was introduced. While listening to the track for the thousandth time, I began to think about how would the song sound if a woman artist took on the task of singing about the art of being a good kisser. Here are five that should take on the challenge.

Imagine Yoncé on this beat singing about the kissing skills of Jay… That poor driver will forever stay hidden behind that partition.

Bad girl Ri Ri is not known to be coy about what she wants and expects in the bedroom or kitchen or wherever. There is no doubt that she would work this track in ways that no one could have ever imagined.

Nicki Minaj
The Barbz has been a comeback trail as the Nicki that most of us were first introduced to and first loved. Imagine the tongue in cheek wordplay that Nicki would pull out for the track.

For some this may seem to be an odd choice but JoJo is no stranger to remixing songs and adding her own twist to them. Her remix of Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” was the one and her voice just cannot continue to be ignored by the masses. If you still have doubts about her making this list check this out…

Sevyn Streeter
This talented young singer is no stranger to covers as she has done plenty of artists who have inspired her. She is also a talented songwriter and singer herself. Her taking on this track would be most definitely be hot in more ways than one.


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