Sing it For the Children!

Music has many names: healer, friend, messenger and so many more. In light of some events that have been happening in my hometown involving the youth and violence; the messenger aspect has been on my mind more than any other title lately. Here are a couple of songs that I hope will spark something in someone for a change.

Janet Jackson “The Knowledge”
Education is often pounded into our heads as being important, and it there is no doubt about its importance. But knowledge extends further than what you can learn from textbooks and standardized tests. So after you listen to Ms. Jackson fiercely tell us about how essential knowledge is; I recommend that you check out Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 for those other elements of knowledge. You’re welcome!

TLC “Waterfalls”
Everything doesn’t need to or is meant to be chased and held.

Jaheim “Fabulous”
We sometimes forget just how fabulous and dope we are because of some of the walls that are thrown up for us in life.

Nas “I Can”
This may seem like a message that only the youth can take seriously; that is incorrect. When we reach a certain age we have a tendency to stop dreaming and reaching. Dreams and determination are for everyone.

The Throne “Murder to Excellence”
The transition of this song’s message is simply genius.

Stevie Wonder “Love’s In Need Of Love”
Listen. Just listen.

Huge Bonus:


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