48 Janet Jackson Songs You Should Hear

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Today is, or at least it should be, a national holiday. For it is the day that Janet Damita Jo Jackson was born. The youngest of the legendary Jackson family turned forty-eight today. Born into the dynasty that is the Jackson family; Janet managed to carve out a lane for herself, one that artists of today still follow. Often underrated but never duplicated; the soft spoken artist has given us timeless music that speaks to our hearts, bodies and our minds. There have been rumors that Janet has been hard at work on her 11th studio album.

While we wait in anticipation and hope that those rumors are indeed true, let’s take a moment to remember and enjoy some of the legend’s music that she has already given us. Instead of running down her bounty of hits, here are a few of which some may not be familiar. A majority of the songs were included on albums but never released and some are just unreleased tracks. Enjoy and you’re welcome!

1. “Say You Do”
2. “Don’t Stand Another Chance”
3. “He Doesn’t Know I’m Alive”
4. “The Knowledge”
5. “Lonely”
6. “This Time”
7. “Funky Big Band”
8. “New Agenda”
9. “The Body That Loves You”
10. “And On and On”
11. “70s Love Grove”
12. “Velvet Rope”
13. “Free Xone”
14. “Empty”
15. “What About”
16. “Rope Burn”
17. “Anything”
18. “Special”
19. “Can’t Be Stopped”
20. “China Love”
21. “Love Scene (Ooh Baby)”
22. “Would You Mind”
23. “Trust A Try”
24. “Truth”
25. “Better Days”
26. “My Baby”
27. “Island Life”
28. “Like You Don’t Love Me”
29. “Warmth”
30. “Get It Out Me”
31. “Enjoy”
32. “Take Care”
33. “Luv”
34. “Greatest X”
35. “So Much Betta”
36. “Discipline”
37. “Curtains”
38. “Clap Your Hands”
39. “Who”
40. “Could This Be Love”
41. “One More Chance”
42. “You Need Me”
43. “The Skin Game”
44. “Pops Up”
45. “Accept Me”
46. “God’s Stepchild”
47. “I Know The Truth” (duet with Elton John)
48. “I’m Here”
<And one more: “Ask For More”




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