20 Days of Happy with Janet!: Day One

There have been rumors swirling around for a few years now that new music from Janet Jackson is on the way. The music world has been awaiting the legend’s return since her last studio album Discipline was released in 2008, and her last single “Make Me” hit the airwaves in support of her Number Ones compilation album in 2009. There have been pictures and hints leaked by those who are supposedly involved with the diva’s new project and after an interview with engineer Ian Cross was published, the anticipation from news outlets and fans went into overdrive. That was until Ms. Jackson herself made a rare appearance on Twitter with this message:

Janet Tweet

To be fair, she neither confirmed nor denied the rumors. So hope can still be held that she will grace us once again. In the meantime, while we play the waiting game, let’s take a walk down memory lane with some of the greatness that is Janet Jackson.

Janet has never been known for having a powerhouse voice but she can indeed sing. She uses her smaller voice to add a distinctive style to her songs and her harmonies are unmatched. The one thing that is really interesting about a Janet song is what you can hear in her voice when she sings. On her upbeat and fun songs, you can practically hear a smile in Janet’s voice. The way she uses her voice helps to paint a very clear picture of her infectious smile that has become one of her staples. I have several playlists of Janet’s music that are simply titled with a smiley face because they always manage to get a smile out of me, no matter mood the day has brought along.

This gave me the idea to share some of my favorite mood lifting songs from Janet. For the next four weeks, I won’t you to celebrate 20 days of happy with Janet.

Stay tuned for more happy…


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