Happy Birthday, Althea Gibson!

Althea Gibson, the first athlete, female or male, to cross the color line of international tennis was born on this day (August 25). Gibson became the first Black to play Wimbledon in 1951. In 1956 she would win the French Open and would go on to win the women’s singles and doubles at Wimbledon in 1957, and the U.S. Open the following year in 1958.
Gibson also made history in the sport of golf. She was the first Black woman to compete on the pro tour. Her golf career was short lived and she eventually returned to the courts.
Gibson retired from tennis in 1971 and was subsequently inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame. She began serving as commissioner of athletics for New Jersey State in 1975 and held the position for 10 years.
Althea Gibson died of respiratory failure in East Orange, New Jersey on September 28, 2003.


One comment

  1. I Tribute A Happy Birthday To Athea Gibson And To Wish Her Lots Of Good Warm Happy Day For
    A Special Birthday Lady And It Is Her Day To Remember Athea’s Passing And Dedicating Her Life
    And Birthday To Memorize Gibson And In Memory Of Athea Gibson! Happy Birthday, Miss Athea!!!
    RIP. Miss You Forever!!!

    PS I Dedicate A Song For Athea’s Passing And Trying To Remember Her As She Rest In Ashes!

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