Women’s History Month: Jemele Hill

March is Women’s History Month and was started in 1981 as “Women’s History Week.” It later officially became a month long celebration in 1995. Join Vibin’ Courtside during the entire month of March as we celebrate just a few of the women who are currently doing the dang thing!

A woman navigating through the world of sports as a journalist will, without question, be met with an unfair amount of criticism and just plain out hate. A Black woman navigating through the sports world as a journalist will be met with all of the above, times two. That has yet to stop Jemele Hill. The ESPN Page 2 columnist has been a staple for the network since she joined them back in 2006. Hill started out making appearances on some of the network’s other shows before she was given her own show alongside friend and colleague, Michael Smith. The chemistry that Hill and Smith share on His & Hers is truly the definition of must see TV. Her in-depth knowledge of all sports and her humor easily makes her one of the best personalities on television.

“There are so many women, Black people… whose shoulders I’m standing on right now, and I would be the biggest freeloader in the world if I didn’t reach back and pull somebody else up. So I make it a point to mentor.”

The Detroit native knew that she wanted to go into the world of sports at the age of 15 and later attended Michigan State University where she studied Journalism. Before making it to the big leagues with ESPN, Hill started out her career as a general assignment sports writer for the Raleigh News & Observer. She would later cover Michigan State football and basketball as a sportswriter for the Detroit Free Press.

As a follower and admirer of Hill and her work, it is hard to miss the nastiness that is hurled towards her on a daily basis, from fans and fellow sportswriters alike. Despite the unfair shake that she receives; Hill continues to stay true to herself and keeps steering her ship onward.


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